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The reason I chose the title of my blog to be Afro Caribbean is for a few reasons one being my grandmother and her insecurities of her skin tone and the history that runs through my blood. We are not sure of what mix my grandmother is but we Are sure that she is of an  African mix her mother died during child labor. Making my great grandfather now responsible for 10 children gave his children away rumors are some people paid and some didn’t, offering the children to families with money. My grandmother was taking by a family from Bayamon a town in the metro area of Puerto Rico. She was a few months old when this family became responsible for her. Since the start you could say this family had one intention for her and that was to be a servant she was raised to take care of them.

My grandmothers name is Maria she wasn’t given a middle name or last name her entire name was Maria. Young maria was chocolate color with slender body frame, thick nappy hair and slanted eyes her nick name was china doll. The Vasquez family took care of maria as a baby once she could walk clean herself and comprehend instructions. she was put to do chores such as clean the house awash clothes feed the babies cook dinner she didn’t start cooking till she was 5 and there wasn’t any real instructions given to her. her first time cooking rice she had no idea how to make it after making it wrong burning it. they made her break a branch from the the tree in the back so they can beat her with it. each time she got it wrong. there technique was to brain wash her after the beatings they will tell her she did have to do all of her chores just feed the babies and put them to sleep. and when she was getting ready to sleep one of the family members will tell her they don’t want to beat her they don’t want to mistreat her but that she had upset them so she should try best not to upset them, rub some creams on her back so the swelling could go down  and not burn as much when she showered. with this brain washing technique for years she thought this was her life this was her job to serve and make them happy the more sickening part is that this was a few years post slavery but almost 80 years after and they were still treating people like this like a piece of property.